Pilot Operated Proportional Reducing Valve - Series VMY


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Proportional pressure reducing valves series VMY in size NG10 and NG16 allow the variable adjustment of the reduced pressure from 0 bar up to the nominal pressure.

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Working extremely precise, Parker's proportional pressure reducing valves of the series VMY in size NG10 or NG16 improve the process accuracy of hydraulic applications. They provide a variable adjustment of the reduced pressure from 0 bar up to the nominal pressure.
The valve consists of a spool type main stage and a proportionally operated pilot stage. The desired pressure can be variably set corresponding to the command signal specified on the amplifier. The proportional solenoid converts the current of the amplifier into force on the valve poppet of the pilot stage.

Typical applications are pressure systems, test equipment, or counterweight systems. The optimum performance can be achieved in combination with the digital amplifier module PCD00A-400 for open loop systems or with PWDXXA-40* for closed loop systems.
• Industrial
• Machine tools
• Works very precise – for high process accuracy
• High oscillation stability – preserves the material and improves the product quality
• 5 pressure stages – enables fine adjustment
• Short delivery time for most variations – no warehousing necessary
• Suitable for general hydraulic applications
• Machine tools
Function VMY*K06:
With the proportional solenoids de-energized, the main spring forces the main spool into the neutral position. Port A is connected to port T. Thus the reduced pressure only depends on the back pressure in the external drain pipe and/or the tank pressure and can accordingly be reduced down to 0 bar. The pressure present in the P line delivers the pilot oil to the pilot stage via a flow control valve.
When the proportional solenoid is energized, the pilot  pressure is increased in the pilot pressure area, and the main spool moves against the spring until the connection P – A opens. The regulation of the reduced pressure on connection A takes place by the constant comparison of the actual pressure and the reference pressure of the pilot stage.
Function VMY*K10:
The valve spool is designed so that the connection B-A is open in the neutral position and is closed in the working position.

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