Complete Air Oil Cooler System with AC Motor - ULOC Series - (Americas)


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ULOC Series oil coolers offer a compact and durable design that will provide efficient performance and long life. They provide up to 60hp of offline cooling and are suitable for most applications and environments.

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Parker's ULOC Air Oil Cooler is a stand-alone, offline cooling circuit that offers quiet operation (using a very low noise motor and gerotor pump combination), low pressure drop and high cooling capability. The ULOC design, also referred to in industry as "kidney loop circuit" or "offline circuit", utilizes a robust bar and plate construction, providing a more efficient and compact design when compared to traditional tube and fin construction. The ULOC Series features three-phase NEMA motors, providing a wide range of available voltages and frequencies.
• Industrial
• Marine & Offshore
• Oil & Gas
• Renewable & Wind Energy
• Power Generation
• Up to 60hp of cooling capacity
• Integrated circulation pump produces even flow with low pressure pulsations
• Available with integrated 12CS or 50CS oil filter
• Compact design results in lighter weight
• Reliable and long lasting cooling with low service and maintenance costs
• Quiet fan and pump
• Wide range of UL, CSA, & CE certified AC motors available
• Extra corrosion protection available for use in marine/offshore and extreme applications
• ATEX approval for use in potentially explosive atmospheres above ground
• Several options available: Thermal switch, Pressure bypass, Air filter, Fan guard/screen, etc.
• Hydraulic power units
• Lubrication systems
• Hydraulic presses
• Plastics machinery

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