Air Oil Cooler with Hydraulic Motor - ULHC Series - (Americas)


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ULHC Series oil coolers offer a compact and durable design that will provide efficient performance and long life. They provide up to 215hp of cooling and are suitable for most industrial and mobile applications.

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Parker's ULHC Air Oil Cooler offers quiet fan operation, low pressure drop and high cooling capability. These coolers utilizes a robust bar and plate construction, providing a more efficient and compact design when compared to traditional tube and fin construction. The ULHC Series features 6 different hydraulic motor displacements to meet application requirements.
• Construction
• Forestry
• Material Handling
• Agriculture
• Industrial
• Marine & Offshore
• Oil & Gas
• Renewable & Wind Energy
• Power Generation
• Up to 215hp of cooling capacity (70°F ETD)
• Compact design results in lighter weight, higher cooling capacity, and lower pressure drop
• Optimized design results in reliable and long lasting cooling with low service and maintenance costs
• Quiet fan design due to optimization of blade and materials
• Extra corrosion protection available for use in marine/offshore and extreme applications
• Several options available: Thermal switch, Pressure bypass, Air filter, Fan guard/screen, etc.
• Aerial Lift Equipment
• Agriculture Machinery
• Construction Equipment
• Forestry Equipment
• Material Handling Equipment
• Turf Equipment
• Vocational Equipment and Special Use Work Vehicles
• Hydraulic power units
• Lubrication systems
• Hydraulic presses
• Plastics machinery

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