Accumulator Safety Blocks - SBA Series - (Americas)


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Parker’s range of SBA safety blocks is available in NG10, NG20 and NG32 sizes. The safety and shut-off valve turns 90° to isolate the accumulator instantly from the hydraulic system, in emergency shut-off or for maintenance purposes. Once isolated, the accumulator can be safely discharged to tank via either a manual or electrically controlled dump valve. System protection is provided by either a PED-approved, tamper-proof pressure relief valve, or an adjustable pressure limiting relief valve.
SBA safety blocks permit safe, simple connection of an accumulator to a hydraulic system. Suitable for use with all types of accumulators – bladder, piston and diaphragm – their compact, multi-function design saves space and reduces connections. By cutting the time required for installation and maintenance procedures, SBA safety blocks enable productivity and profitability to be maximized while system downtime is kept to a minimum. To simplify installation, a full range of adapters is available to suit all common port sizes and styles. For diagnostic purposes and continuous pressure monitoring, all SBA safety blocks feature two maintenance ports.
The European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC states that a safety device must be fitted to all accumulators to provide a shut-off facility, pressure limiting and pressure release functions, and measurement points. Parker’s SBA range fulfils all of these requirements in a single, compact unit. The safety block should always be mounted as close as possible to the accumulator. Commissioning and maintenance of the safety block and associated equipment must be performed by qualified personnel.
• Industrial
• Marine & Offshore
• Oil & Gas
• Renewable & Wind Energy
• Power Generation
• Transport Rail & Truck
• Lock-Out/Tag-Out option:
• Available in a variety of port configurations to connect safety block to accumulator
• Manual and Electrical Discharge Valves Options
• Pressure relief valve can be replaced by a valve with a different pressure setting
• PED 97/23/EC Type Approval
• Seal material Nitrile, Fluorocarbon readily available option
• Shock Absorption
• Auxiliary Power
• Supplemental Flow
• Noise Attenuation
• Transfer Barrier
• Energy Conservation
• Thermal Expansion
• Emergency Power
• Leakage Compensation

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