OAW 61-60
Water Oil Cooler - Brazed Plate OAW Series - (Americas)

OAW 61-60

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The OAW Series of water oil coolers offers rugged, brazed plate construction; providing the highest performance and most compact size available.

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The Parker OAW Series offers up to 275 horsepower of cooling at an Entering Temperature Difference of 60 F, based on a 2:1 water flow. The cooling elements of the Parker OAW Water Oil Cooler consist of corrugated channel plates sandwiched between the front and rear cover plates. The channel plates are pressed and vacuum brazed in the same automated procedure, with rigorous standards of quality control. The design of the Parker OAW emphasizes a number of possibilities for versatile and efficient solutions.
• Construction
• Forestry
• Material Handling
• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Marine & Offshore
• Oil & Gas
• Renewable & Wind Energy
• Power Generation
• Higher performance in a more compact footprint than traditional shell & tube water oil coolers
• Cost-effective and environmentally friendly based on high cooling efficiency with low water consumption
• Compact design results in lighter weight and higher cooling capacity
• Easy installation
• Hydraulic power units
• Lubrication systems
• Hydraulic presses
• Plastics machinery
• Automotive machinery
• Large diesel engines

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