4 Way 2 Position Spool Type Solenoid Valve


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Parker’s direct acting 4-way, 2-position spool-type solenoids offer a simple electronic solution for actuation or reversing applications; available with flows up to 113 lpm (30 gpm) and pressures as high as 350 bar (5000 psi).

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Parker’s direct acting 4-way, 2-position spool-type solenoid valves feature a tough design that ensures reliable and predictable performance with low pressure drop and minimal hysteresis. These valves can operate with hydraulic system flows as high as 113 lpm (30 gpm) and pressures up to 350 bar (5000 psi) with normally passing, crossing, or closed configurations available. Parker’s 4-way, 2-position spool-type solenoid valves are ideal for reversing or actuation applications; utilizing easily wired and programmed solenoid driven directional controls. These valves can be used on a wide range of machinery within the mobile, industrial, or manufacturing markets.
• Aerial
• Agriculture
• Construction
• Material Handling
• Miscellaneous Industrial
• Miscellaneous Manufacturing
• Miscellaneous Mobile
• Replaceable one-piece coils with low amp draw
• High flow capacity
• Manual override options
• Standard bodies and cavities
• No dynamic seals
• Low hysteresis
• All external parts zinc plated
• Reversing flow
• Actuator applications
• Single direction on/off applications
Additional Technical Insight:
Direct acting spool valves are fast to respond to coil voltage and can quickly re-direct or block flow to actuator ports.  Some leakage will be present due to spool clearances.

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