Pilot Operated Servo Proportional Directional Control Valve - Series D31FP / D41FP / D81FP / D91FP / D111FP


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Parker’s pilot operated servo proportional directional control valve series D*1FP is the ultimate choice for demanding hydraulic applications. The valves are optionally available with energy-saving regenerative/hybrid function and EtherCAT® interface.

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The top-level series of pilot operated servo proportional valves D*1FP is the ultimate choice for highest accuracy in positioning of hydraulic axis and controlling of pressure and velocity. It shows extremly high dynamics combined with high flow. It  The D*1FP series transfers the advantages of the Parker patented Voice Coil Drive (VCD®) to larger frame sizes and thus high flow rates. The high dynamics/ high precision drive of the pilot valve allows the optimum control of the main spool and results in servo class performance of the complete valves.
The D*1FP series is available in 5 sizes:
• D31FP NG10 (CETOP 05)
• D41FP NG16 (CETOP 07)
• D81FP NG25 (CETOP 08) for port diameter up to 26 mm
• D91FP NG25 (CETOP 08) for port diameter up to 32 mm
• D111FP NG32 (CETOP 10)
Optionally available with EtherCAT® interface
The valves series D*1FP with EtherCAT® interface fulfill  the requirements of modern communication between valve and main control. Due to high data transmission speed and short cycle times, the high dynamics can be also utilized within the fieldbus system.
Regenerative/hybrid function (optional)
The innovative integrated regenerative function into the A-line (optional) allows new energy saving circuits for differential cylinders. The hybrid version can be switched between regenerative mode and standard mode at any time.
• Industrial
• Machine tools
• Molding
• Highest dynamics – shorter cycle times and thus higher machine output
• High flow capacity – optimum efficiency in relation to valve size
• High-resolution position feedback on main spool – assures stable spool position
• Progressive main spool design (sinus characteristics) – high-resolution position control at small command signals and for high flows where desirable
• Defined spool positioning at power-down – optional P-A/B-T or P-B/A-T or center position (for overlapped spools)
• Digital electronics – permits to store and load valve records
• Optionally with EtherCAT interface, 2x M12x1, connector 4-Pin (Ether-CAT In and EtherCAT Out) – high dynamics can be also utilized within the fieldbus system
• Very robust valve design – lower costs through less downtime
• Short delivery time – no warehousing necessary
Additional features/benefits hybrid version:
• Optionally with energy saving A-regeneration or as switchable hybrid version – up to 30 % energy savings through A-return
• Minimal expenditure of assembly due to integrated switching between regenerative and standard circuits
• Complete functionality in one combined unit
• Standard mounting pattern – retrofitting possible
• General presses
• Die cast
• Injection molding
• Pulp & paper
Technical specifications:
The safety concept works with a safe 4th position at the D1FP pilot valve. This ensures that the main stage is hydraulically balanced at power down and allows to have the main spool spring centered (for overlapped spools) or approximately 10 % spring offset to spool position A or B (for zerolap spools).

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