Dust and Stone Guards for Air Oil Coolers - (Americas)


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Air Oil Cooler Stone and Dust Guards protect your ULAC, ULDC, and ULHC, and ULOC coolers from damage due to rocks and other debris, as well as maximizing efficiency by preventing airborne debris from clogging the cooling fins.

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Parker Stone and Dust Guards are ideal for mobile applications or applications in environments with considerable airborne dust or debris. Stone Guards screen rocks and other large airborne debris from physically damaging the cooler core.  Parker Dust Guards serve as fine screens, preventing smaller debris from entering the fins of coolers and limiting its performance.
• Construction
• Forestry
• Material Handling
• Agriculture
• Industrial
• Oil & Gas
• Dust Guards offer Stainless Steel construction
• Rock Guards are made from electrostatically Power-Coated Steel
• Protect cooler core from damage and increase efficiency and performance
• Aerial Lift Equipment
• Agriculture Machinery
• Construction Equipment
• Forestry Equipment
• Material Handling Equipment
• Turf Equipment
• Vocational Equipment and Special Use Work Vehicles
• Hydraulic power units
• Lubrication systems
• Hydraulic presses
• Wind power
• Plastics machinery

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